Born in Poland, I was raised in Germany. Studied/ lived/ worked in France, Spain, Malta and in London.

I spent longer periods of time in the USA, Canada, New Zealand and SouthEast Asia. I’m fluent in 5 languages and consider myself lucky to have a few home bases.

For the last few years I made my dream come true: I’ve been working as a Freelancer leading the lifestyle of a Digital Nomad, between Europe and Bali.

The two loves of my life are ART & TRAVEL.

Traveler & Storyteller

Being a passionate globetrotter I like to share my adventures with others.

I love to capture artsy moments & encounters (in paintings, pictures and in my articles).

My way of discovering the world is by ‘going local’: Trying local products, making local friends and immersing myself in local traditions. Simply speaking: Becoming a local myself, wherever I go. My credo is Authenticity!

I’m enjoying being outdoors. I walk a lot, I meditate. I’m a yogi. I love opera! Theater, art galleries, live music, spiritual events.…That is what you can read about in my articles.

Ah yes, and of course about cute artsy cafés, charming bars, good restaurants and hidden local gems with local homemade cuisine. Did I mention that I’m a foodie?

The Artist in me

I’m a self taught artist. I consider myself a beauty lover and easteth. Since I was a child I loved to draw, paint and create mood boards. I love to spend my time in art galleries, around the globe.

I love interacting with people. They inspire me. Maybe that’s why I also like to paint them. Especially ladies. There is something about female energy that attracts my attention. Lately my paintings became more sensual and erotic.

My favourite method is acrylic on canvas. I’m also creating collages and photo montages.

I love being surrounded by beautiful Design: Graphic, Interior, Fashion. Spending time in artsy places and with creative people helps my own creativity to grow.

International Marketer

My professional background is Marketing in the Tourism Industry. Specialised in Business Development I’ve been representing travel companies on international conventions and conferences.

Described by friends as an outgoing personality, I enjoy interacting with people.

In the era of Digital Marketing and Social Media I’m taking my linguistic and my writing skills, as well as my interpersonal and intercultural expertise to the next level. I’m offering my clients creative Content generation in various languages as well as Translations, Social Listening and Customer Interaction.

I consider myself a Digital Nomad  – mobile & flexible.

Being a driven person, I believe that we are here on earth to experience, to grow and to learn as much as possible… And to share our knowledge with others. INSPIRATION is one of my favorite words.