Hello, I’m Bea and I would be delighted to work with you.

I’m specialised in International Marketing. My areas of expertise are Business Development, Networking & Representation as well as Digital Marketing and Languages.

Throughout my career path I gained work experience in various countries across Europe, Canada and USA. I also had exposure to the business culture in Latinamerica and in Asian countries.

Working remotely, I’m able to offer my services to clients across the globe. I consider myself a Digital Nomad  – mobile & flexible.

Fluent in 5 languages, I like interacting with people. My assets are my intercultural communication skills.

In the era of Digital Marketing and Social Media I’m helping my clients with Content Generation in various languages, Translations, Social Listening & Customer Interaction.

My professional history includes:

  • Tour Operating, Hotel Marketing, Tourism Boards, Travel Agencies and DMC’s.
  • Media & PR Agencies, Publications, Consulting Firms, Events, Fashion Business.


No matter if connecting with your followers on Social Media or via traditional Networking, be connected with b-konnected!