‘Duni is having a pride’ was the first of my storytelling collages.

I always loved creating mood-, dream-, or visualization boards but they are a different genre. There is a theme (our dreams) but there is no actual story in them.

When I visited my New Yorker friend Duni, he told me how happy he was about the upcoming pride. His story being so vivid (he actually told me he was going to ‘jump the candelaris’, making funny movements with his hips in the middle of Central Park), I instantly had a mental picture and decided to paint this scenery. While painting it, it occured to me that I could do a photomontage with his actual face in it. My painting got a collage character, which gave me the idea of an actual collage made entirely of magazine-cutouts. The series of storytelling photomontages were born.

Duni’s origins are Cuban, hence the spanish slogans. 

Collage/ Photomontage on cardboard, 30 x 40 cm, 2020

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